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Building a home is one of the most exciting experiences in a person's life.  We understand how important it is to create a safe and warm environment to create lasting memories in.  To protect you and your family, we ensure a construction manager follows our standard building practices along with municipality inspections to build your home.

Steps to Build a New Home

We meet with you to discuss your vision for your new home. We gather information about your specific goals and dreams. This allows us to incorporate them into the design.​

We visit the potential site to assess and analyze the topography and general characteristic.

Business Meeting

Phase 1 - 
Pre-Design Consultation


Phase 2 - 
Design & Presentation

Massimo & Giuseppe, our custom home designers, will assist during the design phase developing schematic designs including site plan, floor plans, and elevations.​

We present you with designs and meet as many times as it takes to make changes and modifications until you are completely satisfied.

Our company uses the most updated 3D design software that allow our client to have a global vision of their future home.​

Phase 3 - 
Final Budget & Home Construction Document 

Based on your feedback and design preferences, we establish and present a final budget.

On your authorization, we prepare a bank finance package including final drawings, specifications and contracts.​

We procure all necessary approvals and permits for construction and begin building your home.​

Phase 4 - 
Construction  & Selection Start

Here is when your home is starting to take shape!

Selections may start as soon as the permit plans are submitted to the county for review.

The selections are spaced throughout the permitting and construction phases. The average homeowner spends a few hours a week with our selections coordinator to visit our supplier showroom. Many homeowners have opted, due to their work schedule, to make all of the selections upfront within a few weeks. We will tailor our schedule to best accommodate the customer’s needs.


Phase 5 - 
Post Construction & Warranty

Carricato Homes come with a warranty to safeguard and guarantee your home is kept to the highest standard. Additionally, there is also 60-day punch list after you move in to make any necessary repairs and touch-ups. 

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